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Aluminum Foil Rolls

The Aluminum Foil Roll Is Widely Used In Food Cooking, Cold Storage, Packaging And Storing. It Is Well Received By Customers For Its Easily Treatable And Recyclable Characters. Customized Emboss Printing Is Available For All Foil Rolls. And All Kinds Of Packages Are Provided According To The Design Of The Customer, Such As Color Boxes, Shrinking Bags, Bubble Bags And So On.

Aluminum Foil Containers

The Disposable Aluminum Containers Are Easy To Use And Recyclable. Different Packages For The Foil Containers Can Be Provided Including Corrugated Boxes,Shrinking Bags And So On.We Also Provide Customized Specifications To Satisfy All Customers’ Needs.

Aluminum Pop-up Foil Sheets

Aluminum Pop-Up Foil Sheets Are Good For Food Cooking, Cold Storage, Packaging And Storing. The Inter-Fold Design Makes More Convenient Use Of The Foil And Reduce The Waste. Customized Emboss Printing And Color Coating Are Provided According To Our Customers’ Needs.

Baking Papers

The Baking Paper Is Widely Used In Baking And Cooking. Thanks To Its Non-stick Coating, The Baking Paper Can Save Your Time For Cleaning Up And Make The Food Cooked More Evenly. We Provide All kinds Of Specifications, Also Customized Specifications According To Customers’ Requirements.